Juani Aisha Litter

The Juani Aisha litter, 8 boys and 3 girls, were born 9 Oct 2016. 

No DS, all with standard coloration, all with ridge. 1 multi crown male and 1 multi crown female, 1 female with kink tale at root

Juani Aisha Week 8

Juani Aisha Week 7

Ms Red

Juani Aisha Week 6

Ms Red

Juani Aisha Week 5

Juani Aisha Week 4

Juani Aisha Week 3

Juani Aisha Growth Curves

Growth is important, and growth curves are excellent tools to monitor puppy’s wellbeing, if someone needs priority or a small break. They grow so fast, and it is amazing that Kamili has fed them so far, and it totals to almost 15kg since birth! It takes a lot of energy. We started to complement around end of week 3, the menu being Orijen with warm local ecological goat milk - the puppy's having  happy stomachs.

Weights on Day 22
Individual Growth Curves
Litter Growth Curve, percentage of birthweight

Juani Aisha Week 2

Aisha’s second week. Filled with new impressions for all of us. The puppies are all healthy, small miracles, and they grow fast!

Little Mr Brown and Kamili
Mr Lime
Mr Lime and Mr Grey
Happy Hour at the Milk Bar
World Juani

Juani Aisha Week 1

Week 1 has passed with lots of great moments. All puppies are active and hungry - they thrive really well, and grows to the standard (10% a day). Kamili is a great puppy mom, she is gentle and loving, and all what we could hope. She still have enough milk to feed them. 

Mr Brown, Juani Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Mr Gray, Juani Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Mr Black, Juani Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Mr Light Green, Juani Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Mr Blue, Juani Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Mr Purple, Juani Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Mr Light Brown, Juani Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Mr Green, Juani Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Ms Red, Juani Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Ms Pink, Juani Rhodesian Ridgebacks


Ridgeback in Faxe Kalkbrud
Faxe Kalkbrud
Lodge Juani